LeMoyne Star – Take 2

This one is what I would consider cuddable!  Meaning, not quilted to death like I like to do!

Step 1 – Divide up your quilt.   Just some continuous curves in the star.


Step 2 – I don’t like having that many threads coming into one area so I dropped a circle there.


Step 3 –  trying to figure out what to do in the negative space… just echo quilted.


Step 4 – Let’s add some feathers and scrolls.  I also decided to divide up the triangles with a curve and have feathers travel around them.


Step 5 – Added some circles… love those ProPebbles!


What do you think of this one?  Has anyone been doodling out there?  I’d love to see them and post them here if you are willing to share.

What will you create?


8 thoughts on “LeMoyne Star – Take 2

  1. While the designs are gorgeous, it would really help to find out how you plan to stitch them out. Are each of your circles an individual start/stop?

    • Hi Louise,
      That is a great question and I will add that info to the posts. For this particular design, I would stitch the small center circle first, then do the continuous curves in the stars. I would then, stitch the outline stitching then move to the feathers. The addition of the small circles would be a start and a stop.

  2. I’m finding that many of my clients want that ‘look’……custom (feathers, etc) but don’t want that “over quilted” feel/results as the quilt is not for the wall but for cuddling! The “less is more” theme seems to pervades. I like to use the single pebbles for accents, too, and try to be creative in adding them into the continuous stitching (fewer ends to bury!). Today’s ideas are definitely ones I will “file”!!!!! Thanks for the post!!!!!! (ALL of them!!!!)

  3. I love your ideals on how to quilt any block. My customer love the new trials I am doing on their quilts. I just last night marked a pattern for a block for my self can not wait to quilt it. Keep up the good job. Are you coming to Kentucky any time soon I would love to join a class of yours?

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