LeMoyne Star – Take 1

Sorry for the late post… I guess better late than never…

This week we are working on the Lemoyne star!  First I want to say…. a lot of my design choices really depend on the fabric used, whether the thread will show, can I get away with one thread or would I need to change threads.

Step 1:  Divide the block… I’m sure you are seeing a trend here with step 1.


I then realized I wanted something in the center…


Step 2:  Add some design elements…


Needed to add some little bit of interest.  Circles it is.


I added the lines in the center to divide up the area a little more… remember the more dividing lines you put in the more intricate your quilting will be. You could stop here if you like…


Step 3… Add fills… And stipple, pebbles and sand stipple and straight lines…


This quilt would not be a cuddable quilt with all this quilting.  Wednesday I will make sure it is lightly quilted.

What will you CREATE?



8 thoughts on “LeMoyne Star – Take 1

  1. I love this series I have followed your blog for many years and watched your online classes. This series has really helped me see many possibilities! Have you considered including in this series doing some border/ sashing designs? I often struggle with what to do with a pieced border, like alternating light dark squares.

  2. I’m excited because I just came across a LeMoyne star block piecing tutorial on YouTube –and now I could really go to town quilting it!

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