Bonus Clamshell post

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Carol Motro has a clamshell request.  Here is a picture of a fun layout for the clamshell block.


Step 1:  Divide up the space… or in this case define the spaces.  I love that shape!!!


Step 2:  Design element…. I don’t always get it on the first try …. here was my first try…


Didn’t like how that was going to look…. Here is what I came up with on the second try…. first was to echo the shape.


I decided to divide up that area a little more with some scrolls.


Step 3:  Feathers of course!


Step 4:  It wouldn’t be a Lisa design without some straight lines somewhere….


Hope you liked the bonus post!!

What will you create?



10 thoughts on “Bonus Clamshell post

  1. First I have to say that your quilt below is so awesome and I am enjoying your posts! Yesterday I looked for a photo on my computer to share with you, but did not have any luck finding it. It is a clamshell quilt that I saw at a show years ago and each clam was quilted differently and heavily. It was an incredible & unforgettable quilt and one that you could stand in front of for hours studying the design details.

  2. I especially love your second clamshell. I look forward to all your posts. Thanks for sharing your designs as they emerge. That gives me more confidence to try out ideas…

    • The key is to just do it! That’s why I like drawing so much. It’s not a huge commitment and if you don’t like it start again. I normally always have a drawing to work off of when I am quilting.

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