What will you Create?? Clamshell- Take 2

This block is harder to come up with different ideas for me…

Step 1:   Divide up the block.


Step 2:  Add a little pebble… those ProPebbles come in handy.


Step 3:  Figure the alternate blocks out. Going for a fan shape.


Step 4:  Feathers of course…



This would be a “snuggable” design as well.

OK, off to see if I can’t figure out something different for the Take 3!   Have a great Wednesday.

What will you create?


6 thoughts on “What will you Create?? Clamshell- Take 2

  1. The designs at each stage are beautiful and creative as is all of your quilting. But, after stage 2, I think it ceases to be a snuggle quilt. That much quilting not only would flatten the quilt considerable but, also, take a great deal of time, thus ranking it above snuggle level, I think.
    I always like my quilts to look good and often do custom on the quilts that go to family for their beds or for babies to fondle. But, I wouldn’t do that much intense quilting on a quilt I’d expect to snuggle with, IMHO.
    Thank you for taking the time to offer us your great creative ideas.

    • Hi Marlette,
      I am glad you are enjoying the posts. I don’t believe that this is heavy or time consuming quilting, but that is what makes quilting great! We all get to do as much or as little quilting as we like.

  2. I love the ideas so far. Do you have any ideas if the clamshells are in a different format–as in alternating up/down with sideways? I emailed to you a picture of the quilt I’ve been holding for years as you requested as I’m unsure of how to quilt this layout. Four of the clamshells together make an unusual secondary pattern. That layout may not be as small as quilting each individual clamshell. If you need me to resend the picture, let me know.

  3. I have really enjoyed your posts on quilting all of the three blocks. Hope you keep going. It has helped “expand” my thinking. I use this type of quilting on most of my quilts, I don’t think of this as heavy quilting and glad to expand my designs. Clam shells are hard for me but your examples have really helped.

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