Clamshell – Take 1

I hope you all are enjoying these posts as much as I am doing them.  Remember to send in your requested block!

UP this week is the Clamshell…. I have to say I have never done a clamshell quilt in all 3000+ quilts that I have done!

Here is the first take…

Step one:  divide up the block… I used the ProEcho 9 for this one…


Step 2: Add some feathers…  I like to alternate blocks so that it isn’t overwhelming.


Step 3:  Something for the alternate blocks…


Step 4… the feather blocks looked like they needed a little something…. out comes the ProPebble…


Step 5:  A little ribbon candy fill…


you could leave the fill out butI just had to put it in…

What will you create?


22 thoughts on “Clamshell – Take 1

  1. What great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I will be doing a customer’s two color bear claws quilt. New ideas a for the bear claw block would be appreciated

  2. Lisa, love these examples. You inspire us!
    Would you please include some quilting over/ around applique?
    Thx a bunch.

  3. Thank you so much. The clamshell has always been such a puzzle for me to imagine quilting as it is already so busy and all the curves threw me off. Alternating patterns by rows really sets off the design. Love it!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your talent to us! I love your work. I have learned a lot from you. You are amazing quilter, I have seen one of your quilts at the AQS show in Grand Rapids Michigan last year, it was breath taking.

  5. I really do love what you are teaching us. I hope you don’t mind, I am going to print these design lessons out and make my own Lisa book. I want to be able to reference these when needed plus just to have some designs to play with.

  6. Lisa, I had asked about how to handle an applique and you asked for an example.
    I am playing with a wall hanging with different shaped rectangles and squares with plates, coffee pots, candles and a large fruit basket in the center. They are all put together with 2 inch squares and 1 inch sashing . I stabiluzed the whole piece with 1/4 on both sides of the sashing (vs. Stitch in the ditch) and stitched inside the squares with archs. I think echoing around the appliques would fill in the space, but not sure. Wish I could send a picture.. Any thoughts? Thx a bunch

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