Churn Dash – Take 3

We are a little off with the posts due to the July 4th holiday…. so we have a Saturday post.  I wanted to make sure we got 3 designs for the Churn Dash before we move on to the Clamshell next week.

Since I know a lot of you do customer quilts and you don’t want to spend a ton of time doing minute background fills, we will call this a snuggable!  I will make sure each block has at least one snuggable in it.

Step 1:  A little continuous curve to break up the block.  You can use a variety of different CC for this.  Play around and see what you like the best.


Step 2:  I used the ProCurve 1 to do a 1″ curved crosshatch in the center area.  With this tool you do not need to measure or mark!


Step 3: Add some feathers to get a little movement in the block.  I like to make sure all of my feathers are going in the same direction.


Step 4:  The corners needed something and I opted for some more curved crosshatching.


Hope you like the first “snuggable” !

Here is a recap of the 3 Churn Dash blocks we did….

What will you create??



2 thoughts on “Churn Dash – Take 3

  1. Really appreciate your ideas for the different blocks and especially the ones that are more snuggable. I love seeing the beautiful over the top quilting and love to do it myself. BUT, the great majority of my quilts are for beds and keeping warm. So, the beautiful detailed quilting is not often an option. Not to say my quilting is plain or boring, though.
    Thanks for the options. Your quilts are beautiful and great inspirations.

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