Churn Dash – Take Two!

Hope you enjoyed the first version of the Churn Dash.  Here is the second design I came up with.

Step 1:  Divide up the block.  Again a combination of the ProEcho rulers were used.


Step 2: I added the design element of the swirl to fill some empty space.  I do not worry about the swirls all being identical.


Step 3:  Feathers of course come next.


Step 4:  A little straight line fill.


Step 5: Added some more swirls.  I tried to keep this one lightly quilted.  LOL


If you were going to add more… what would you do?  I know what  I would do…

What will you create??


10 thoughts on “Churn Dash – Take Two!

  1. Very nice. I really enjoy your work.
    I would love to see your ideas on pinwheel blocks, hexis and stack and whack. I have those coming up. I am not at your level as a quilter but I find it very educational to see how other quilters might look at a block or a quilt. Jean

  2. Loving these posts, new to your site!! Do you need to start and stop with tie offs all the time or are you able to deice on your designs and keep on thread going?? Thank you!! I am a new long arm quilter!!

    • Welcome Jan! If at all possible I will travel in the ditch so I don’t have to break my thread. There are times where that is not possible though. I will normally bury my thread, however when I was doing customer quilts I would either back tack my stitches or take a couple tiny small stitches to secure.

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