Churn Dash – Take One

Hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July!  Our block this week is the Churn Dash or Monkey Wrench block.

Step 1:  Divide the block.  I use a combination of ProEcho rulers and sometimes straight edges in this step.  All of my rulers can be found at


Step 2:  I added a little something in the pieced area.


Step 3:   added my design elements…. feathers of course.


Step 4:   The center looked a little lonely.  Added the straight lines with my favorite ProLine™ tool.


Step 5:  A little sand stipple…. Many of you have asked what sand stipple is… it is a very tiny stipple that really just mushes down all the fabric.  Lines cross over each other as it would be impossible to do it any other way.  I use a fine thread such as silk or Invisafil by Wonderfil for this step.


What will you create???


18 thoughts on “Churn Dash – Take One

  1. Hi Lisa, Love your drawing! How do you get the curve in your blocks? Like the divide and design class. I have your circles but not any of the others. Would love to know what you use?
    Thanks so much!

    • HI Cindy, I use the ProEcho rulers to get all of my curves. It’s nice to have a variety to choose from. On this particular block I used ProEcho 4 and ProEcho 9.

  2. Hi Lisa, I am so much loving your block ideas. I’ve just last week bought and watched your iquilt classes, and these posts are expanding what I learned there. I’ve had my longarm over a year and have only done automated edge-to-edge patterns. Maybe I’m ready to branch out. It has helped tremendously to see your process. I’ve had a clamshell quilt for two years waiting for an idea. It is not in the traditional mushroom-style setting, but intertwined clamshells tilted to the side. If you have any ideas for this shape, I would be so grateful. Thank you so, so much for this education you are helping us develop.

  3. Lisa,
    Trying to pull up the pro echo rulers and I am not sure which ones on your site. These are the ones you draw with too as well as quilt. Just wanted to make sure I get the right ones.
    I am having problems with drawing the curves on my quilts.
    Thanks, Love, Love your quilting. Hope you get to come to South
    Carolina one day. I will be in your class.

  4. Thanks so much for posting. It is really helpful to see the process.I would love to see some appliqué in a block and how you would break that down for quilting. Thanks again!

      • Lisa, thank you so much. I get many 3 x 4 sashed appliqué quilts and I would love to see your thoughts on quilting them. All I have been doing is SID and fill for each block.
        Thanks again, and after taking your Iquilt classes and watching you give ideas for the Churndash quilt my mind is swirling with ideas!

  5. Lisa,Your quilting is luscious but I’m afraid, though beautiful, the designs would make a quilt very stiff. Are you recommending that the heavier quilting be used for wall hangings and show quilts?
    I like my bed quilts to fall around the body, not stand out from it. Comments?

    • Lol, yes, I would not do such dense quilting on a bed quilt. I’ve tried to make these designs so you can stop at any stage depending on the density of quilting you want.

  6. Such a new and inspiring series. Love it. You have given me so many ideas and the knowledge on how to do them. Thank you.
    I hope you have time to show us many more.

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