Storm at Sea – Take 3

Here is the last design for the storm at  sea… let me know what you think..

Step 1:  I used some wavy lines and scrolls to divide up this block.



Step 2:  Some fun continuous curves…


Step 3:  Straight line echoing around the exterior…


Here is the view of the “quilt”




I’d say this is lightly quilted for me.  LOL

Next up is the Hunter’s Star block!


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What will you create?


Storm at Sea – Take 2

Ok, here we go with our second try… don’t forget about the sale  going on over at

Step 1:    I decided to use some scrolls to divide this time.  It adds a lot of movement to the quilt.


Step 2: I went back to feathers and love how this looks.


Step 3:  So far this is how I would stitch it out as well.  added some straight lines  and circles to the dark patches.

stormatsea2-4Step 4:  added a small wreath to the center..


Since the these blocks are normally set next to each other I wanted to know how the quilt would look…





Love how this one turned out.

What will you create??



Storm at Sea – Take 1

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This block was fun to do and I know want to make one….

Step 1:  Divide up the block… this is one of the reasons I like to have so many ProEcho’s and ProCircles to choose from!


Step 2:  Since it is storm at sea… I thought I would use some ferns vs feathers.  If I were doing it again… I’d choose feathers.  I also used the ProPebbles to add some little circles.


Step 3: Added some straight line echoing to the dark pieces as well as some crosshatching and straight line fill.


Step 4:  Some more crosshatching….


Step 5:   I used the sand stipple  and an 1/8″ straight line fill.. Again, I think I’d use feathers if I were going to stitch this out.


As for stitching this out, I would stitch out step 1 first… it would look really cool to use an Aurifil 12 wt thread!  Those lines would really stick out.  🙂  I would then stitch out the ferns, move to the crosshatch and straight lines and finish with the sand stipple.  The reason I would stitch it all out at the same time as I want to maintain even quilting throughout  so as to not distort the blocks/quilt.


What will you create??


LeMoyne Star- Take 3

So sorry this is late… between last week at BERNINA University and this week teaching at Quilt Odyssey, I got a little behind.   I am hoping to catch up and get ahead this weekend.

It was requested that I tell you how I would stitch these out so I will start doing that as well.

Step 1:   This was how I divided up this block to begin with… if I were working on customer quilts, I would stitch out the final design and not stitch out based on the steps that I show you.  When I am working on my own quilts which are mainly competition pieces, I stitch out in the steps. So I know everything is going to work.


Step 2:  Add some feathers…. you can do ferns as well or feather variations and it would look great.


Step 3: I wanted to keep this one fairly simple so I added some more continuous curves.


If I were stitching this all out,the small circle in the center would come first.  Then I would do all of the continuous curves  as well as the stitch in the ditch.  Then would come the scrolls and feathers.

Hope you like this one… its a cuddable!

Next up is the Storm at Sea!

What will you create?


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LeMoyne Star – Take 2

This one is what I would consider cuddable!  Meaning, not quilted to death like I like to do!

Step 1 – Divide up your quilt.   Just some continuous curves in the star.


Step 2 – I don’t like having that many threads coming into one area so I dropped a circle there.


Step 3 –  trying to figure out what to do in the negative space… just echo quilted.


Step 4 – Let’s add some feathers and scrolls.  I also decided to divide up the triangles with a curve and have feathers travel around them.


Step 5 – Added some circles… love those ProPebbles!


What do you think of this one?  Has anyone been doodling out there?  I’d love to see them and post them here if you are willing to share.

What will you create?


LeMoyne Star – Take 1

Sorry for the late post… I guess better late than never…

This week we are working on the Lemoyne star!  First I want to say…. a lot of my design choices really depend on the fabric used, whether the thread will show, can I get away with one thread or would I need to change threads.

Step 1:  Divide the block… I’m sure you are seeing a trend here with step 1.


I then realized I wanted something in the center…


Step 2:  Add some design elements…


Needed to add some little bit of interest.  Circles it is.


I added the lines in the center to divide up the area a little more… remember the more dividing lines you put in the more intricate your quilting will be. You could stop here if you like…


Step 3… Add fills… And stipple, pebbles and sand stipple and straight lines…


This quilt would not be a cuddable quilt with all this quilting.  Wednesday I will make sure it is lightly quilted.

What will you CREATE?



Exciting News!!

I am excited to share with all of you that I am the newest BERNINA longarm spokesperson!!  I am thrilled to be working with such a wonderful company and promoting an incredible brand!

I have just returned from New Orleans where I attended my first BERNINA University.  This is where all of the dealers across the country and some from out of the country come and learn about the new products that BERNINA has to offer!  To say it is an educational whirlwind is putting it mildly!   The Q-matic which is the computer component to the longarm made its appearance and everyone was so excited… myself included.  I had the opportunity to do a little work with it back in April and am excited to get it into my studio soon.

The domestic ruler foot #72 made its debut as well.  This was highly anticipated and did not disappoint.  We all wanted to sneak them into our pockets to take home… alas, that did not happen, as I gave up first born (sorry Brandon) to get to try it out.  LOL  Just kidding… they really are in high demand though.  Make sure you reach out to your dealer so they know you want one.  Once you have this ruler foot you will then be able to use all of the  Quilter’s Groove Rulers on your domestic machine… YEAH!!!

If you are a fan of the Quilter’s Groove Rulers, please let your shop know that they are available to stock in their store either  through me or BREWER.  What a convenience to be able to place the ruler order along with all of their other quilt shop needs.  They have all  been repackaged for their quilt shop debut!

For those of you who have been following my block of the week posts… fear not,  I have just pushed that post till tomorrow.

If you are interested in seeing and hearing about the features of the BERNINA Q24 and her little sister the Q20, you can check it out here.

What will you create?


What will you Create? Clamshell- Take 3

As we move through the blocks that you all request, one thing I need to point out…. some of these designs really depend on what the fabric is like.  If a fabric is really busy, I tend to like to texturize it.  If its going to show, I like to use main design motifs like feathers, leaves, all those beautiful things that people drool over.

This one was fun!  I tried to get outside of the box… for me.  LOL  This one is a snuggable as well.

Step 1: Divide up the block… lol, I laugh because it isn’t much but like I say in my class, the more you divide the more intricate the design…. I wanted this one simple so its simple dividing.  I don’t worry about the scrolls being identical.


Step 2:  Add some ferns…. see, I can do other things beside feathers…


Step 3:  That alternate block…. did you think we weren’t going to use any rulers?  Wrong…. Proline 4 for those 1/4″ lines…



Step 4:  a little pebble in there as well…


Hope you enjoyed the clamshell.  Here is your recap.



What will you create??


Bonus Clamshell post

Update:  My  blog will now post to the Quilter’s Groove Facebook page.  Make sure you go like it so you don’t miss out.  Or subscribe for the email version.  🙂

Carol Motro has a clamshell request.  Here is a picture of a fun layout for the clamshell block.


Step 1:  Divide up the space… or in this case define the spaces.  I love that shape!!!


Step 2:  Design element…. I don’t always get it on the first try …. here was my first try…


Didn’t like how that was going to look…. Here is what I came up with on the second try…. first was to echo the shape.


I decided to divide up that area a little more with some scrolls.


Step 3:  Feathers of course!


Step 4:  It wouldn’t be a Lisa design without some straight lines somewhere….


Hope you liked the bonus post!!

What will you create?



What will you Create?? Clamshell- Take 2

This block is harder to come up with different ideas for me…

Step 1:   Divide up the block.


Step 2:  Add a little pebble… those ProPebbles come in handy.


Step 3:  Figure the alternate blocks out. Going for a fan shape.


Step 4:  Feathers of course…



This would be a “snuggable” design as well.

OK, off to see if I can’t figure out something different for the Take 3!   Have a great Wednesday.

What will you create?