Ohio Star…Take 2

You all are great.  I am adding to my list of blocks you want!  Thank you!

Doris, you asked what  I would do with the star points in the last sample…. here it is…


Here is the 2nd try at designing for the Ohio Star, its a little simpler.. you all know that I don’t do simple very well, right?

Ok, here ya go….

Step 1:  Divide up the open space a little… This is also when I do all of my SID which I always do on custom work!  I used the ProEcho 9!


Step 2:  Need something in the center… so I divide again…



step 3:  Did not like the random arc so I deleted it in the next pic… added some flower feathers and some arcs in the center.


Step 4:  There was a little too much open space in the corner blocks…. I could have made those arcs shallower (is that a word?..LOL) but that would mean redoing and I only rip out for tension issues…. sooooo, I go to my standby and put in some small circles using the ProPebbles 1/2.



Stay tuned for Ohio Star- Take 3 tomorrow!!

What will you create?

Please email me at Lisahcalle@me.com with your creations!

Quilt on, My Friends!