Ohio Star #1

Hi all,

I ave been enjoying the block designs and hope you all do too.  Please send in your request.  My goal is to post 3 different designs of each block.  If you have a request, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Forgive me as I don’t remember who requested the Ohio star.  I tend to have a heavy hand in my quilting so the first design is a full on custom but you can stop in any of the stages.


Step 1:  Divide up the areas.  I like the wavy lines in the corner blocks as it adds a lot of movement to the block.  So grab your rulers and play.  I used the ProSpine Small for those lines. I would also SID around the block and all the pieces as well.


Step 2:  Choose your main design element.  Was it any wonder I would choose feathers??  But you could choose anything you like.  I decided on a one sided feather so I could do something different on the other side.  If this were a customer quilt and time was important, I would have also put feathers on the opposite side.


Step 3:  Those small triangles needed something and I love straight lines but you could also fill in with sand stipple or pebbles.


Step 4:  I decided to carry on with the straight lines.  I used the Proline 8 which gives the 1/8″ spacing.


Step 5:  There was still some fabric that needed to be quilted.  I like to put the sand stipple next to my feathers as it really makes them pop.  I would also go in and do some echo quilting in the star so it didn’t feel left out.

Let me know what you think.  Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself out here.  Love to see what you all are doing and some more suggestions for blocks.

Wednesday I will try to lighten up the quilting a little…. it might be hard but I’ll give it a go.  LOL

What will you create?