Log Cabin Block 2 & 3

HI all,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did.  My husband got me tickets to the US Open which was held in Pittsburgh…. So much fun!  I even got my picture taken with Jordan Speith…  ok well, it was more me and Jordan and Michael in the background.  LOL


Here are two more options for a log cabin block.  I tried to keep these ones easy and quick.  The first one is the quickest…

logcabin1 the only ruler you need is a circle ruler for the spine.  This is a 9″ block and I used the ProCircle 6 and then echoed it.

The next one takes a little more time but not as much as the first log cabin block.


This one you will need a straight edge ruler.   I would definitely stitch in the ditch between the dark and light.  Again the only ruler you need here is the ProCircle ruler.

If you have a block that has you stumped, please let me know and I will add it to my list!  Next up will be the Ohio star block so stay tuned!


What will you create?