Log Cabin Block 1

This is the blog post that got this started…. I used my technique from the Divide and Design DVD.  This  and Mastering the Mini is on sale for $20 a piece.  Hurry, today is the last day.  Didn’t know about the sale?  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

One of my readers suggested that I do some designs on pieced blocks.  It was such a terrific idea so I will be posting new pics of designs on pieced blocks.  So if there is a bloc that has you stumped…. let me know… maybe I can help.

The Log Cabin block is pretty popular so I decided to start there….

IMG_1093 IMG_1094


This was the first try…. stay tuned for something a little different on the next try.

I would love to see your Log Cabin Blocks!

What will you Create??


12 thoughts on “Log Cabin Block 1

  1. Currently working on this block…am stumped on what to quilt in the triangles…the sashing is quarter straight lines…any suggestions?..BTW..busy fabric….how do I send picture?

  2. Sent from my iPad Hi Lisa commented on blog…this is the block I am working on this quilt. Quarter inch lines on red fabric….this is a busy quilt so quiltinq is not really showing up…border quilted feathers and echoed…the brown fabric has 7 in border feather design….

    Thanks Lenore


  3. I will definitely stay tuned. Lisa, could you add churn dash to your list? I signed up on iQuilt – Mastering the Mini.

  4. Lisa, that is a very creative design. However, I can’t imagine doing more than the first single single line stitching on each block in a LC quilt unless it was all a tone on tone, say, white and cream. Even if you used contrasting thread, it would be an inordinate amount of quilting.
    Now, that said, if the blocks were large, 16 – 24 ” and set in a four patch pattern this could be a great quilt, IMHO.

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  6. I’ve done a similar take on a lot cabin – just the basic lines. It was so well and good until I got to the bottom row and she assembled one block backwards! I had to call my client to find out if she wanted me to quilt according to the piecing, or stay with the same rotation as the others so that it would look right when the sun cast shadows across it. 🙂

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