Log Cabin Block 1

This is the blog post that got this started…. I used my technique from the Divide and Design DVD.  This  and Mastering the Mini is on sale for $20 a piece.  Hurry, today is the last day.  Didn’t know about the sale?  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

One of my readers suggested that I do some designs on pieced blocks.  It was such a terrific idea so I will be posting new pics of designs on pieced blocks.  So if there is a bloc that has you stumped…. let me know… maybe I can help.

The Log Cabin block is pretty popular so I decided to start there….

IMG_1093 IMG_1094


This was the first try…. stay tuned for something a little different on the next try.

I would love to see your Log Cabin Blocks!

What will you Create??