Love “Handles”

I have started my new competition piece.  The top border is finally done.  I took Gina Perkes  iquilt class on grind quilting (see  below for sale info on iquilt classes)  and was inspired.  I marked a 1 inch  grid throughout the whole floral border.  I used a rotary cutting ruler and a blue washout pen.  I had some trouble finding something that could be seen on the print as even the blue marker was a little difficult.  Once it was all marked which took FOREVER…. ok maybe not forever but it sure seemed like it, I loaded it up on my BERNINA Longarm and got ready to quilt.   One of the features that I love on my new machine that I didn’t give a lot of thought to in the past is the basting stitch, BSR 3.   I baste the sides of the  quilt as I advance and the BSR 3 makes it so easy.

I chose the ProPebble 2 to aid me in the quilting.   I know, I could have done it freehand but I like the perfection you get when using a ruler.


For those of you who use rulers, you know that sometimes you feel like a contortionist while trying to hold the ruler.  The handles on the BERNINA longarm are incredible!  You can move them completely out of the way!  AND since you can easily program the 4 toggles on the handles you can make sure the appropriate actions are on the handle you want.  I hold my template with my left hand and drive with my right, so this is how my handles look while I am doing a lot of ruler work.


One of the other features of the handles that I love is the fact that then extend.  What we do is very hard on our neck, shoulders and back.  So I try and work in my “sweet spot” which is right in front of me.  However there are times when I do need to work towards the back of the table.  When I extend the handles, I can maintain the correct posture.


So yesterday, I did a little SID (stitch in the ditch) and I ‘ll be adding some dividing lines to the pink border today!  Stay tuned for updates!
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I took Karen K Stone’s class, English Paper Piecing by Machine!  If you haven’t tried an IQuilt class, you are missing out.  The information is incredible and right at your fingertips.


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Quilt on, My Friends!