What to do with a 12″ block??

Hi all!

I have been working ever so slowly on my next competition piece…. when I say slowly… its been two weeks and I am still on the top border. So since my machine is taken I figured I would draw out a design using the Quilter’s Groove Rulers to show what you can create with them.  This is a 12″ block.

IMG_1073 (1)

You can see the guidelines that you would mark on your block.  I started with the ProPebble 3/4 and put the circle in the center.  I then used the ProSpine medium for the 4 diagonals and the ProSpine Small for the centers.  Then back to the ProPebble to add a circle to the top of each ProSpine Small design.  If you don’t like heavy quilting you can stop here.

IMG_1074 (1)

Then I picked up my ProPebble 1/2 and added some circles inside.  I also used the ProCircle 3,4,5, and 6 to echo the original design.

IMG_1075 (1)

Grabbed one of my  favorites!  ProLine 8!  This looks amazing as is and I was tempted to leave it but since I was just drawing I decided to quilt it (draw it) to death.  LOL

IMG_1076 (1)

Added some freehand pebbles!

IMG_1077 (1)

Finished off with some sand stipple!

So we went from this                                                                                                                                         to this!

IMG_1073 (1) IMG_1077 (1)

Once my machine is free I will be stitching this out!  Can’t wait!  What will you create?

Quilt on, my Friends!



11 thoughts on “What to do with a 12″ block??

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Love your drawing as I have been drawing also. You really motivate me to do more with my quilting. What templates to you use to make the rounded curves. Can’t get mine like yours.

  2. If i ordered pro spine set and pro pebbles set, would I get the 10% off? I have your circle templates and love them.

  3. Great tutorial, Lisa. I really need to work with pencil and paper more. Your competition piece sounds very intriguing. I would love to see some in progress pics to follow the master at work!

  4. I love this! I like to see the different ways you draw the designs out on simple blocks. I hope you continue to do this with differently pieced blocks.

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