What to do with a 12″ block??

Hi all!

I have been working ever so slowly on my next competition piece…. when I say slowly… its been two weeks and I am still on the top border. So since my machine is taken I figured I would draw out a design using the Quilter’s Groove Rulers to show what you can create with them.  This is a 12″ block.

IMG_1073 (1)

You can see the guidelines that you would mark on your block.  I started with the ProPebble 3/4 and put the circle in the center.  I then used the ProSpine medium for the 4 diagonals and the ProSpine Small for the centers.  Then back to the ProPebble to add a circle to the top of each ProSpine Small design.  If you don’t like heavy quilting you can stop here.

IMG_1074 (1)

Then I picked up my ProPebble 1/2 and added some circles inside.  I also used the ProCircle 3,4,5, and 6 to echo the original design.

IMG_1075 (1)

Grabbed one of my  favorites!  ProLine 8!  This looks amazing as is and I was tempted to leave it but since I was just drawing I decided to quilt it (draw it) to death.  LOL

IMG_1076 (1)

Added some freehand pebbles!

IMG_1077 (1)

Finished off with some sand stipple!

So we went from this                                                                                                                                         to this!

IMG_1073 (1) IMG_1077 (1)

Once my machine is free I will be stitching this out!  Can’t wait!  What will you create?

Quilt on, my Friends!