Me and my BERNINA’s!

Have I mentioned how much I love my BERNINA’s?  My second sewing machine I bought was a BERNINA and I have been in love with them ever since so when they came out with their longarm I was quite excited! I have a BERNINA 145S, BERNINA 750QE and The BERNINA Q20!

My cousin recently had twins, a boy and a girl!  Yeah!  Of course I had to make them quilts.  I went to the LQS,  The Quilt Block where Cynthia was ever so patient while I made my fabric choices.  LOL  It felt like I took forever… Once I had that decision made, it was on to the construction.

I chose an Atkinson pattern called Yellow Brick Rd.  Very simple and quick.  My BERNINA 750QE didn’t fail me!  How many of you love to hear the sound of your machine run?  For me it is very therapeutic and when I haven’t pieced in a while I get a little cranky.   LOVE the sound of the machine!

It is very exciting now because I get to finish my pieced tops on my BERNINA Longarm!  So I popped the two baby quilts on, ZIP, ZIP , added some Aurifil thread (yummy) and away I went.   There is a feature I want to point out that the BERNINA Longarm have that I have come to love!  BSR3!!  This is the basting stitch and I am in love with it.  You can program it to do 1,2 or 4 stitches per inch.  I baste the sides of my quilts AND when doing my show quilts have pinned some areas that  I am not ready to quilt!  Now  I do both with the BSR3!  I like the 2 stitches per inch for both of these.


This past week I taught a guild workshop in MD. and one of my students and I were talking about some of the decorative stitches on the BERNINA.  I am not a sewer so I think the only two stitches I have really used are the straight stitch and the zig zag.  We were specifically looking at the #4 stitch, which is a wavy line and thought it would be a great decorative stitch to sew the binding down with.  What do you think? What are your favorite stitches?


Love to hear what are your  favorite stitches!  Don’t be shy!

Quilt on, My Friends!





15 thoughts on “Me and my BERNINA’s!

  1. I love all the cross stitches on my 820. They are beautiful and also give a vintage look in the piece or great for outlining objects or used in borders.

  2. You can get a reasonable facsimile of hand quilting with the “hand-look quilt stitch”! It’s number 328 on my 630. I wouldn’t use it to quilt with, or stitch curves, but it really does make a fun embellishment in small, straight areas.

  3. I love my Berninas too, and am so looking forward to getting my Q20 (though it will be setup as a sitdown). I like rows of decorative stitching placed in such a way they make some interesting sections. #1371 on my Bernina 830 LE is such a stitch. I also love both the single and double blanket stitch for applique. I usually set them smaller in both width and length. Oh I don’t know, I use a lot of decorative stitching in my landscape/pictorial work for walls that look like stucco, fancy head feathers on appliqued birds, grass at the roots of trees, and on and on. I really love the way they look. I just read about the basting stitches on the Q20. I’m excited.

  4. Stitch 8, width lowered to zero…makes a great outline stitch…love your blog and Berninas! M

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  5. I love my Berninas too. I have 3. Is that to many? NO way. I got a 770QE in November and already have 800,000 stitches on it and I only use it for machine quilting. LOL. Guess I’ve been busy! I only use straight stitch on it.

  6. I’m a Bernina gal as well. Mi will keep my 930 forever. I am currently using the 820 for main sewing and I have recently invested in the Q20 sit down. I love all of them but I know I don’t use them to their full potential. I use the curve stitch all the time to see my bindings down. While I occasionally have played with decorative stitches, I seem to stay in the straight stitch mode to power on. I love coaching and letting the yarn fiber make the statement. I have the free motion crouching foot but have yet to use it. I am also getting ready to play with quilting rulers with the ruler foot. All I need is time…I’ve got love!

  7. I use the serpentine stitch you mention to sew the edges of the quilt together before I start the quilting. It flattens the edge nicely for applying the binding. (I set the width to 3.5 and the length to 2.5.) It also thwarts my dog, who likes to snack on batting.

    • I had a Millie back in 2004 when I started. I don’t really like to compare them as I think they all drive differently. I love how the BERNINA glides along the table. My suggestion would be to test drive them both on the same day if you can. This way you can immediately tell which one feels better for you. I have driven them all and the BERNINA is the one for me.

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