How many feet do you have?

As you may or may not know, I recently got the BERNINA longarm.  The first time I stitched on this machine, I was in love.  The stitches were exactly as they are on my BERNINA 750QE domestic machine.  Now, I am not a bells and whistles kind of gal so when I use a longarm it is all about the feel of it.  Needless to say, I love it.  And have fallen in love with some of those  bells and whistles.  I will be highlighting these in my journey  through my next competition piece.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Switzerland a couple of weeks ago to tour the BERNINA factory.  It was amazing.  Here are some pictures…

One of the questions I get asked a lot is can the Quilter’s Groove® rulers be used on the domestic machine.  The answer is yes but you want to make sure you use a ruler  foot.  BERNINA is in the process of creating one…. hang tight!  The one for  the longarm can damage your machine so please don’t use that one.

I really like the fact that my feet that I use  on my domestic machine can also be used on my longarm.      This means that there are so many to choose from… now I am sure there are some feet that you would use on your domestic machine that might not be applicable to the longarm but still, there are a lot of feet.  So finding one that you like to go around…. say appliqué,  is just a matter of experimenting to see which works best for you.

Do you have a favorite foot that you use in your machine quilting? I’d love to hear about it.

Here are the first two quilts that I finished on my new machine.

Can’t wait to start my next one!!  Want to follow along?  make sure you follow my blog for updates!

Quilt on, My Friends!


18 thoughts on “How many feet do you have?

  1. Unsurprisingly, your quilts are drop-dead gorgeous, Lisa! I can only wish I had room (and budget!) for a Q20, but I do love the extra throat space in my 780. 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa I love, love, love your quilting. I have bought the quilters grove echo rulers. I would love to know how you get those curves on your quilting to form the designs. is this another ruler that you use? thank you. vimla

  3. I just use my open-toe foot on my longarm, all the time! I have 4 other feet for it, but I really love the open-toe! I must have 50 different feet for my Bernina, some are still in the boxes because I only use one foot there as well!

  4. Beautiful quilting! I am in the market for a new longarm and have been testing a few of them for the last year. I look forward to reading about your experience with the Q24.

      • A stable frame is a must. I am seeking to gain more control of the machine for precision stitching, which I cannot do with my current set up. Motorized advance and light kit options would be a plus but not a deal breaker. I might be able take a drive to my Bernina dealer to see the Q24 later this month. I’ve tested and re-tested APQS, Gammill, and Innova machines so far.

  5. Not sure how you can always out do yourself but you do. These are stunning! Congrats on your long arm. I have a Bernina 880 and can’t imagine life without it.

  6. Hi Lisa – you mention that Bernina is in the process of developing a ruler foot for their domestic machines. Do you know when this foot will be available for purchase? I recently visited a Bernina dealer who recommended I purchase the 96 foot for ruler work on my 820 but I thought the 96 foot was unique to the Bernina longarm machines and that you recommended not using it on a domestic machine because it could damage it.

    • HI Audrey,
      Yes, they are developing it and anticipate it coming out either before or at the Houston International Quilt Festival. The 96 foot can damage your machine as it was designed specifically for the longarm. Although some have used it, it is not recommended.

  7. Why do you prefer the bernina longarm over your other brands of machines? Would you feel free to say what machine you have used over the years? Andra

    • I started with an APQS Millie, the I had 2 A1’s and a Handiquilter. I have taught on all brands.
      They all drive differently… similar to cars. The BERNINA glides along the table. Very easy to maneuver. The stitches are amazing. Just like on my sewing machine. The handles are programmable so if you are left handed you can have the start/stop on the left. There is a bobbin counter, there is dual needle capabilities. The list goes on. Hope I answered your question

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