Under the Needle: Monday’s Eye Candy

Let’s start the week off with a few pretties from all of you!  Keep sending them in as I love to see what you all do with the Divide and Design technique and/or the Quilter’s Groove Rulers!

JocelynAtkinson faithmcleod ellenpalmer


Thank you Ladies for sharing!  Keep them coming!

Quilt on, My Friends!


3 thoughts on “Under the Needle: Monday’s Eye Candy

  1. Lisa, I finally have some Radiance fabric and am ready to try my hand at mastering the mini. Have you ever posted on your blog about how to handle this fabric, wash or not, what markers to use? Maybe I just need to watch the dvd and see if the info is there. So afraid I am going to mess it up-it is so beautiful! Thanks for all that you share, and for the great tools you have created.

    • Hi Pat!
      It is beautiful fabric but you can always get more so don’t be afraid.
      Use a blue washout marker, do not prewash. If you find the fabric is too slippery, you can use a stabilizer. Sometimes that helps. I can’t wait to see what you come up with !

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