Eye Candy Monday!

The response you all had to my Under the Needle Newsletter was amazing.  I love getting all the emails about how my little picture inspired you!  What I loved even more was the pictures some of you sent.  So here are a few…

Here is Angie Bess’s quilt.  She was giving the ProPebbles a try out.  Look great, Angie!  Keep it up!



Up next was Rachel Atienza!  A beautiful miniature whole cloth… looks like its my favorite fabric too…. Radiance by Robert Kauffman.  Love the straight line fill!



One more for today…. Elizabeth Witchel!  I see one of my favorite rulers in this pic.  of the ProLine!!  Elizabeth made a great barter with a woodworker.  She made him this beautiful quilt and he is making her a thread cabinet.  Elizabeth…. make sure you send me a picture of the thread cabinet.  Would love to post it as a follow up.  I know I love to see how every one stores their thread…



So since we are on the topic of tread storage…. how do you all store your thread?  Any good before and after pictures you would like to share with us? Of even just pictures of how you store your thread… I could always use a little inspiration in this department.  So please send me pictures of your thread storage!

Quilt on, My Friends!



5 thoughts on “Eye Candy Monday!

  1. I’d LOVE to show you how I store my threads, Lisa! I purchased this hand painted cabinet last year & have a coffee/tea bar set up on the top. Most of my threads are hidden away in the bottom cabinets, away from light & dust. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you provide!!!

    Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 12:57:54 +0000 To: rett@neo.rr.com

  2. Such luscious eye candy…thanks for sharing these photos, Lisa!
    You’ve reminded me that I want to get some of that Radiance to try.
    I have a really pretty hand painted credenza in my sewing room that I use for serving coffee & tea to my visitors. The two bottom shelves are behind doors, so that is where I store most of my threads…away from both light & dust.
    I sent you some photos & you inspired me to do a blog post about it as well.
    Thanks for the nudge!

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