I am a piecer….hear me roar!!!

So many of you know that I don’t really consider myself a piecer.  I had really only done a handful of quilts before I got my longarm.  I am a much better longarm quilter than I am a piecer.  Over the past year, I have been trying to become a better piecer.  It is slow going…. part of my problem is that there are so many quilts that I want to make, figuring out what to make sometimes stumps me.  Part of the problem is that I don’t have a lot of time to piece so when I do make something I want to make it show worthy…. that ‘s a lot of pressure I put on myself.  LOL  I know, i’m working on it.

So after a fun lunch with my good friend Barb Persing,  I decided to just jump in.  I went home and designed the Lone star that I  wanted to make.  Barb graciously donated fabric from an upcoming fabric line with Island Batiks and away I went.  Now, I have NEVER been a precision quilter but since this is an area I have been trying to work on, I figure I better work on getting all those stinking seams to match…

I started with 2 1/2″ strips but soon realized that they were bigger than I wanted so I just practiced a little on matching up  the seams… didn’t do that great.


So I actually brought out my little ruler and measured and pinned everything exactly where it needed to go.


This worked much better… I will say that I starched the living crud out of the pieces…


While pinning is great…  and I use really small fine pins…. my machine tried to eat one… Of course then I started looking for my “Perfect Pins4th” by Karen Kay Buckley.  No such luck in finding them…. 😦  They are probably having a party with my missing Full Bloom Aurifil thread box that went missing too.



Thank goodness my BERNINA was not harmed by that devilish looking pin!  I think I need to scour the studio for my perfect pins…. I know as soon as I order more, I will find mine…

After the hurtle of making the diamonds… the Y seams were up next.  After a couple of tries with mediocre results, I found this video by Edyta Sitar and voila…. I kicked butt!   Now to add the appliqué and figure out where to go from there.


©2016 Lisa H Calle

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Quilt on, my Friends!


8 thoughts on “I am a piecer….hear me roar!!!

  1. What a great community we are! I finally “got” Y seams after I saw Edyta do them on “The Quilt Show”. Then I made myself do one of her patterns “Eldon”, which has many, many Y seams…I didn’t want to be intimidated by them any more. I entered it in the Vermont Quilt Festival last year and, to my utter amazement, actually got a 3rd place ribbon. I’m probably an intermediate quilter, so wasn’t expecting anything! Now to “conquer ” longarming. 😳

  2. I have found that starching my fabric helps me to do a much better job at cutting and sewing. My favorite is Faultless Spray Starch – I like how it works and that it’s the least expensive in my area. These are the pins that I like:http://www.joann.com/ultra-fine-glass-head-pins/10687812.html#prefn1=brand&sz=36&start=145&prefv1=Dritz
    They are fine (minimizes distortion when pinning), not too long (minimizes the times that I stab myself), and glass head (won’t melt if I have to / want to press while pinned – or forget to remove before pressing).
    I like how your Lone Star turned out!

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