2015 Recap!



Wow, its already the middle of Jan.  I’m still wondering where 2015 went to… anyone else?  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and are ready to make 2016 the best year yet.  I know I am.  Let’s do a quick recap of 2015!

A great time at “The Quilt Show”!!

IMG_2599 IMG_2606 IMG_2588










An amazing vacation with my handsome husband….

IMG_2747 IMG_2757


Loads of talented students in all of my classes!

IMG_2793 IMG_2812 IMG_2934 IMG_2402

My first teaching trip to Houston!  Sorry no pictures in class was too busy….

IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0281 IMG_0284


My two worlds collided when my golfing buddies came to my special exhibit at the Pa National Quilt Extravaganza.  Thank you!!

IMG_0121 IMG_0116 IMG_0119 IMG_0120


The introduction of my new rulers…. the ProPebbles™.


Bethanne Nemesh's creation using the ProPebbles™.

Bethanne Nemesh’s creation using the ProPebbles™.

Thank you Bethanne for testing them out!

IMG_0366 IMG_0365


And of course the best thing…. my oldest son graduated from high school….

brandon pic Brandon 25 Brandon 34 Brandon 35 Brandon 24 IMG_0040



2016 is going to be a banner year!  I can feel it, Can you?

Quilt on, My Friends!


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