Music? TV? Audio books?

I am curious what you all listen to while you are quilting.  I have taken to listening to meditation music and burn incense.  I find it is incredibly relaxing and allows me to move at a good pace with out trying to speed up which I do when I listen to quick paced music.  Here is the link to what I listen to…

If there is golf on, I have been known to put that on as well although its hard because I really want to watch that.  I am going to look into audio books as well.  I know I want those for when I travel too.  Those long car rides go so much quicker when you are listening to something.

So, what do you all listen to?

Quilt on, My Friends!


19 thoughts on “Music? TV? Audio books?

  1. I’m a DSM quilter who only quilts my own quilts. I generally listen to audiobooks on my Kindle. Sometimes I’ll listen to music or to the TV in the background, but mostly it’s the books. Sometimes I get caught up in the quilting and miss what’s happening in the book and that annoys me, but mostly it works well for me.

  2. I listen to audio books (iPad with ear buds) that I download free from my library using OneClickDigital. This is for when I am doing edge to edge quilting, computerized or manual. I also have Spotify going on my laptop, with speakers plugged in, and I have film scores going all the time. And I often have a diffuser going with essential oils. 🙂

  3. Lisa I watched you on the Quilt Show and love your quilts! And, I can now say your last name correctly!!! I recently ordered your new book and thanks for the update to know about the little delay. I look forward to it when it arrives. Recently I have taken to listening to the Christmas Album of The Piano Guys – – – while quilting a Christmas wedding quilt for my son. It makes it light and cheerful! You can find them on YouTube- – –

  4. When I first was quilting in a room in my home I used to keep the television on all the time. (2006) Then I moved my studio out of the house and didn’t have access to cable and began listening to music. (2008) In the past year and a half I have began working mostly with nothing on, just quiet and contemplation. When the mood strikes I turn on music that fits the mood of the quilting movements I am making. I do love Spotify and have several playlists with various moods! I am a new consumer of audio books and have tried to listen to books while quilting and fond that I can not quilt and comprehend at the same time.

  5. I listen to a lot of audiobooks via audible, but sometimes I put nothing on and just enjoy the hum of the machine. Your quilting is an inspiration for me to continue to learn and get better every day. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I totally love to quilt to relaxation music as well and am happy to know about Yellow Brick Cinema! It’s awesome!

  7. I listen to audiobooks from my public library or music on pandora. I always felt like I was wasting time if I just sat down and read a book, but now with the audiobooks, I get to “read” and quilt at the same time.

  8. I use to listen to music. Recently i started setting up my ipad and streaming the golf channel if there’s a good tournament on, (Stayed up very late sewing last weekend during President’s cup) or I stream something on amazon or netflix. I am currently working my way through Dynasty as i didn’t watch it when it was aired. Too many commercials on the radio and don’t want to get tired of my playlists since i listen to them when i clean and workout.

  9. Hi Lisa – what a great idea combining meditative music with quilting. After reading your post I ran upstairs to try it out. I think this will be a good fit for me. I look forward to your class. See you in Houstin.

  10. I have ‘read’ more books on audible since I started quilting. I either buy from Audible or borrow from the public library through Overdrive. I also have a good giggle with Elvis Doran in the morning. I listened to your link, I never thought to have relaxing music in the ground. I have always had someone ‘talking’ in the background. I will give it a try. Thanks !

  11. I listen to music, primarily instrumentals. If there are words, I get too distracted from what I am doing. Generally, my choice is spa, relaxed jazz, jazz guitar, classical strings. Have not graduated to
    books while I sew or quilt on my longarm!!
    May need to add the incense.

  12. I have an Amazon Echo in my studio and I listen to my playlists or a prime music playlist or a radio station. I can talk to my Echo and tell her to add something to my shopping list or ask her to tell me what the news is. But mostly, I listen to whatever type of music I’m feeling that day.

  13. Pandora….”new age instrumentals”. Keeps me calm and focused. I also have a channel for the different songs I like. Pandora plays different versions and similar songs.

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