Episode 1703!!!!!

Yeah!!! its finally here…. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.. I had so much fun filming this, I hope you enjoy watching!

Tune in!

Quilt on, My Friends!


9 thoughts on “Episode 1703!!!!!

  1. I just logged on to The Quilt Show to watch and it is still showing episode 1702 as current. Do new episodes air at a certain time, maybe later today?

  2. I watched your whole show and LOVED it! You are so cute and did a SUPER job! I bet everyone there will go out and buy your rulers, just like I did!! 🙂 Lisa Fan Club – LynnEl!

  3. I have only discovered you when I subscribed to thequiltshow and you have changed the way I think about quilts. Love your quilting and I am keen to see you use your rulers on the domestic machine as your learning curve develops on the domestic machine. I have been drawing feathers like a mad woman can hardly wait to try some.

  4. Lisa, I saw you on the Quilt Show and have downloaded your practice for feathers. I do not have a long arm, just domestic, will your templates work when I free motion with my open toe free motion foot that hook onto my needle bar? Want to make sure before I purchase. Really appreciate your instruction blogs on TQS also. There’s still hope for me, as I love feathers, also.

  5. Oh, and I need to mention your quilts are jaw droppingly beautiful!. I read your post about the lost box of your quilts and so relieved it had a happy ending and good advise about not shipping quilts.

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