Crunch Time!!

I will be on vacation next week.  Yippee!  Golf, Beach and Family! Doesn’t get better than that.  But in order to have a good time I am working like mad to try and get some things done.

I will filming my iQuilt classes the last week of August which requires, lots of prep work even though I have taught these classes tons of times.  But I am lucky that it helps me get to know my new HandiQuilter Fusion!


Having fun and I’m almost done!

Then its on to the next class…. make sure you watch for the launch of iQuilt!

Quilt on, my Friends!


3 thoughts on “Crunch Time!!

  1. When is the launch of iQuilt? Have a great well-deserved vacation and don’t think of us quilters one bit while you’re gone!

  2. Lisa how are you liking the fusion? I have been trying out a few different long arms this summer and think the fusion maybe the machine for me! I’m always concerned about customer service though in case something goes wrong. Any thoughts on that?

    • I am getting to know it and have just finished my first quilt… I am really liking it! I have just found the timer feature which I love, now I will know how long something takes me to quilt. 🙂
      One of the many reasons I went with the HandiQuilter is the company is top notch. I have not met one person in the organization that I don’t like. I don’t think you can go wrong with any purchase from them. Good luck

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