Graduation Festivites….

are over.  What a week.  The prep, the planning….. what a great time.  Instead of just giving Brandon money for graduation my husband came up with a great idea.  The party goers would determine how much we gifted him.

graduation invite graduation scorecard


WE all had so much fun….. he made out well.  Now, you will notice that in the fishing area, you could catch a turtle.  Yes, we have turtles in the pond as well as the fish…. my Uncle Tom caught a turtle…. made Brandon $50!

IMG_3012The day would not have been complete without a quilt…. my sister in law Judy made Brandon a t-shirt quilt and I quilted it…..


I had gone through all of our photos (not very dry eyed either)  to put together this framed “through the ages” picture…



We still need to fill in the check …..



Looking forward to the many more milestones to come!

Quilt on, My Friends!


PS, I did put a quilt in this post.  😉


7 thoughts on “Graduation Festivites….

  1. Congratulations! My daughter graduated last month from college and I helped her move to Denver, Colorado. My husband and I joked that we will follow her out there in a few years after we retire from our jobs in the Washington DC area. I can quilt anywhere and besides, Colorado is the home of eQuilter and Craftsy.

  2. Such “rights of passage” definitely need special acknowledgement! A totally ‘fab’ idea! Life moves past us at breakneck speed sometimes and pausing to honor achievements is a “relationship strengthening” opportunity for sure!!!!! And, yes, there’s the quilt………………………..

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