Warning: Proud Parent Alert

This post has nothing to do with quilting!

This is it!  Brandon’s last week of high school.  He graduates on Friday, we are so proud.  He will be going to Elizabethtown in the fall.  He will be studying Physical Therapy and playing lacrosse.

Congrats Brandon!  We love you!  It goes so fast…. not sure where the time went.


Brandon  24



Quilt on, My Friends!


3 thoughts on “Warning: Proud Parent Alert

  1. Hi Lisa – I’ve taken some great classes from you at Birds of a Feather in Virginia Beach. Just wanted to say that my daughter just finished her first year at Elizabethtown and loved it – had some superb professors, made good friends, and is looking forward to returning! A perk for me is that, if I went by way of Rt. 340, I could stop at The Old Country Store and Zook’s for fabric on the way to pick her up! Congrats and best wishes to Brandon!

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