Recovering from HMQS……

I had a blast at HMQS!  My students were incredibly talented and eager to learn… I loved every minute of it.  If you have never been to Salt Lake City, you need to put it on a list of things to do.  Judy and I did quite a bit… retail therapy, dining and the best was that our hotel had a hot tub… we sat in there 2 of the three nights.. Now I must get one for my house.  I am pleased to say that on our flight out, Judy won the arm rest war… She has a strategy of starting from the back and inching her elbow forward… this skill is a must have for sitting in the middle seat.


You can see the mountains out the wing… couldn’t get a good picture.  They are beautiful and the clouds looked like a beautiful carpet.

My Divide and Design students had it going on…. here is what they came up with.

IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2937 IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2940



Next up is my teaching gig at Sparrow Studio in Canada.  Will I see any of you there?  It is July 8-11th.  I’ve never been to Canada before and am so looking forward to it.  I’ll be teaching a hands on Divide and Design and some template classes.  Make sure you sign up.

Off to get the kiddo off of the bus….

Quilt on, my Friends!




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