Jump in with both Feet!!

I am working on getting ready to go to HMQS in Salt Lake City, which I can’t wait to get there and see all of my quilty friends.  (If you haven’t signed up for any classes, you can sign up on site)  I have a quilt in the show and a quilt in the teacher exhibit.  Wren asked me to write a description for the quilt in the exhibit…. I struggle with this as  I am definitely not a writer. LOL  many of you may remember this quilt….. Hula Hibiscus.


Hula Hibiscus

Hula Hibiscus 2010

I was in a creative funk when Ronda K Beyer decided to do an online challenge.  She designed the center appliqué design and we were challenged to create a quilt with it… the caveat… we could only use the fabric from our stash… oh boy… I did not have a big inventory to choose from…

Final reveal

my inventory

So I dove in with both feet like I do most things, not knowing where it will take me.  I had the prettiest   ugliest fabric that I have no idea why I bought it.  It was a brown background with peacocks on it.  I must have been hallucinating when I bought it.  So I dug it out and cut it up, sewed it on, pieced some more etc…

There were many firsts in this quilt….

it was the first time I had done machine appliqué, which I now love…

it was the first time I had done paperless paper piecing, which I now love…

it was the first time I had done curved piecing, which I now love….

I learned so much on this one quilt with so many firsts, it is my favorite.  When it came time to show it, I was not expecting anything and was so pleasantly surprised to have it do so well… two Best of shows, some honorable mentions and a Founders Award.

This quilt could have been a complete failure with all of those first time techniques but I didn’t care!  Hmmm, failure… if we never try anything new where would that leave us….

Next time you think “I can’t do that”…… jump in with both feet!  you might just be surprised where you land.

Next quilt up….. “A Color of its Own”…. my first hand appliquéd quilt….

A Color of its Own

A Color of its Own

Quilt on, My friends!


3 thoughts on “Jump in with both Feet!!

  1. What lovely works! I actually really like the contrasts so much in your “firsts” quilt. The brown really sets off the robin’s egg blue and coral. Especially the lovely little brown circles to give an additional linen of the brown color. This is really an exceptional quilt!

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