Classes, classes, classes….

Hi all, I am getting classes together for 2016…. I know… I have trouble thinking that far out as well.  LOL   So it got me thinking… when you are looking at a list of classes to choose from… what do you look for?  Inviting descriptions? pictures? what draws you in to the classes you ultimately choose?   There  are so many to choose from now a days… any feedback would be appreciated.

I am teaching in Houston this year.  Yeah!  So excited.  I will be teaching a 6 hour hands on class for Divide and Design. on Monday oct 26th. you will be working on a real quilt! We will be designing and then quilting what you have designed.  It will be loads of fun!  Hope to see you all there.   I am providing said quilt.  It will be something along the lines of this…


What are you all looking for in classes that is not being taught?  One of the struggles we teachers have is constantly coming up with new material for classes… ok, maybe not all teachers.. but I sure do!  I would love to hear your ideas!  You can leave them in the comments or email me directly…

Quilt on, My friends!



8 thoughts on “Classes, classes, classes….

  1. If you come out to Portland, OR, I’ll be first in line for your class. More ways to use your rulers. gaining confidence with your rulers, would be what I’d enjoy. Anything you teach is worth listening to.

  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of new material — it’s more a matter of a fresh or different perspective. I’ve had many classes on machine quilting (I use my Bernina), and several of them have been on feathers. I learn something new from every teacher’s different “take”. It’s valuable, even in the subject matter was basically the same thing. 🙂

  3. I agree with Sandy, every teach has her/his take on something that the student may not have learnt of thought of. I teaching domestic machine quilting and find joy when people ‘get’ what you are teaching.
    Any chance you’d ever come to New Zealand?

  4. Lisa, I like pictures…..and if there is one from afar…to give the full perspective….and another up close to view the fine points…that is better…….

  5. Lisa, this year I looked for Intermediate to advanced classes at HMQS. It seemed most, if not all long arm classes are beginner and I am ready to take a step up. I understand marketing to a broader base but year after year gets boring. Hands on is always better – I took your ruler class last year and really enjoyed it. I just finished purchasing all your pro- echo rulers but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. Work gets in the way.

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