On Tap for Monday

It is a rainy drizzly day here in Pottstown.  Hopefully, the sun is shining where you are!   I always say I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love, that is not to say I LOVE every aspect.  Today is one of those days…. I am writing a pattern… ugh…  this is not my thing but it is necessary and I need to get better at it.  I believe that I have only ever followed a pattern a couple of times, I typically just start making blocks and see what happens.  I keep telling myself that I need to take notes as I am sewing but then I think…. nah, I’ll remember this.  Oh boy…. wish me luck as I have a couple to write.

Paducah is here!!  I wish everyone safe travels and loads of fun!  Jamie Wallen will be there and teaching.  If you are not familiar, where have you been?  He is an extraordinary person and teacher!  He will be at Paper Pieces Palooza at the Hexie House!  If you see him, tell him I said hello.  I hope to get to Paducah one of these days.

Golf season is finally here… though this rain is a killer.  I have been out twice now, just for nine holes.  Tomorrow begins my team matches… I am on the second team this year (thankfully, not the first as I was last year).  I will hitting the links at Concord CC tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

ok, I better stop procrastinating…. someone check on me later to make sure I am still at it.

Quilt on, my Friends!


4 thoughts on “On Tap for Monday

  1. I have been searching to find you in Paducah. Why are you not teaching there??? I so wanted to take more classes from you. Darn! Next year I’ll be at HMQS tho – so keep teaching there for sure! Missing you at Paducah!

  2. Lisa ~ did you know that in real ife I was a copy editor? Ask Janet-Lee about the times I used to copy-edit the MQX catalog! Let me know if you want me to give your pattern the once-over when you are finished …

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