So I think I have recovered from my trips….. the Bahama trip was wonderful, but ran right into the beginning of MQX.  Thank goodness I prepared everything in January.   What can I say about MQX?  It was awesome!  My students are so talented and I always end up learning from them.  I taught 6 classes…. Here are some pictures of what they were doing…

this was from my Divide and Design Class… If you are interested.. I will be teaching this technique at HMQS in Salt Lake City on May 8th from 6-10pm!  There is still room in the class.

My new Class, The Quilt as Desired Conundrum, was a ton of fun!  Here are some of the quilts students brought that they need some design ideas on… I will be teaching this at HMQS as well.  So get those quilts together that have you stumped and we will help you figure them out..

I will also be teaching my Totally Template Class!  Hands on.  you each will have your own machine.  This is a beginner template class.  Loads of fun.

Hope to see you all in SLC!

Quilt on, My Friends!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. The photos of your class (Divide and Design) convey the intensity and focus that I’ve experienced in my workshops, also. Coming into the class, most don’t realize the “work-out” they will experience with pencil and sketch book. Their satisfaction at their accomplishment(s) results in such animated conversation that is so gratifying from my perspective…… see all those “light bulb” moments!!!!!!

  2. Wish I could get to MQX or HMQS. Someday…. Now for really selfish motives – does anyone know what the name of the pattern is for the interlocking squares quilt? I love it but don’t know the name. I hope it is a pattern I can purchase.

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