My Template story….

When I first started quilting, I stayed in the front of the machine and did my all over designs freehand.  Loved it!  My true love was for custom work.  Feathers in particular.  After hours and hours of practicing both on and off the machine… I had those mastered.  I started using templates.. probably the same way other quilters did… I had a straight edge and I would use it to SID (stitch in the ditch).  Once I mastered how to hold the ruler there was no stopping me.  I LOVE ruler work… you can see it in all of my quilts.  I am not alone in this obsession, look at most of the quilts in quilt shows… they have used a ruler somewhere.

Here is one of my first…

Playing Hookie Full

I am thinking about remaking this piece. As I would probably quilt it much different now.

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

photo-1 copy

crownjewelcloseupmarked IMG_0818



Gettin in the Groove Sample

Gettin in the Groove Sample

If you have been hesitant about trying templates in your quilting….. don’t!  They open up a whole other world.

I have a beginner template class…. Totally Template!  I will be teaching this class at Machine Quilter’s Expo  aka MQX (April, New Hampshire)  and Home Machine Quilting Show aka HMQS (May, Salt Lake City, Ut).  This is truly a beginner class. You will learn how to hold the template so that the machine moves easily and you get nice straight lines or nice curved lines… Jump on in!

Hope to see you in a class soon.

Quilt on, My Friends!



9 thoughts on “My Template story….

  1. I wish I lived in the US – would love to attend your classes – for now I have to watch the DVD’s over and over – thank you for sharing what you do and for all the beautiful inspiration

    Marina Louw
    South Africa

  2. I also adore using rulers and I have a bunch of yours that I really like using. I just got all three of your new ones and I can’t wait to get home and use them!!! Love your quilting – so inspirational!! Maybe someday I’ll quilt like you 🙂

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