Friday’s thoughts……

*****Today I am making my way to the NJ Quilt Fest to help Rob and Judy in their booth.  Come see us… Olde City Quilts!  I will be playing on the BERNINA longarm!******

The snow has prevented me from making it to NJQuiltfest today.  I am going to be there tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.

I think I am going to stop by Jackie’s woolens booth for some bright wool fabric…. why you ask?

Some of you may remember I was working on a machine appliqué project…

IMG_2465I was absolutely loving it!  The colors , the flowers… all of it…. But have you ever have  project that in the end does not look as you envisioned it… well this is one of those.  It is complete and will reside in the BERNINA creative center even though I am not thrilled with it.

I have decided to remake it with wools and some hand sewing.  I am also having this pattern digitized so I can quilt it out.  So here is the final project….


What I would do differently….  I would back the light colored fabric, you can’t really see the colors behind it but  I think it would look better.  I would use a lighter color thread in the center to quilt with.  I would put a piping to separate the borders.  My thought was to use a thick black thread but that didn’t work so then I tried using Razzle Dazzle bobbin thread and that didn’t look how I envisioned either…

You learn something from every quilt!

Quilt on, My Friends!




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