Organization Monday….

Kids are off school which always puts me behind the eight ball.  Today is organization day.  Last week after getting home from Birds of a Feather I felt very disorganized.  There have been a lot of great things happening but I felt as though I wasn’t staying on top of everything very well.  So I told myself.. Monday is the day to get organized..

My first task is done… that was to create a tickler file to help me remember all I need to remember when I need to remember it.  LOL  Debby Brown is the master organizer and my hero… check out her blog here.  If it weren’t for Debby, I’d be swimming in an office of disorganization.  Not to mention, she is a pretty fantastic quilter and friend.  🙂

Next is to tackle the inbox.  I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of having it empty every night…. (hanging my head in shame) but I was delusional.  At any given time I have between 50- 100 emails hanging around waiting for something, even if it is just to delete them.  Wish me luck on keeping up with that one.

I did get my new planner last week as well.  Check it out here…. Passion Planner.  I have been using my calendar in Mac for a while, so I am not sure how transitioning will go or if I will use both in some capacity.  It will probably be the latter.

So I am off now in hopes of conquering my disorganized office in order to maybe sometime in the very near future start quilting my appliqué quilt.

Quilt on, My Friends!


4 thoughts on “Organization Monday….

  1. For managing email via my phone, I like Mailbox. You can swipe to archive, delete, put a timer on so the email returns at an appropriate time, or file it. And if you empty your inbox, it gives you a pretty picture as a reward. Surprisingly motivating! I do a lot of my email management that way, then go onto my account on my laptop for real work or to deal with emails that need a keyboard to address effectively.

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