February Feather Friday: The Hook Feather

Hi all, its that time again….. today’s feather is the hook feather!  Remember to practice …. doodle, doodle , doodle!!

In hindsight, I am quite happy with how my feathers turned out.  I like all of you might be too hard on myself.  Keep at it… once done, walk away and then come back.  I was impressed with mine after a short time away.  🙂



10 thoughts on “February Feather Friday: The Hook Feather

  1. Reblogged this on Treadlemusic and commented:
    It’s February Feather Friday…..Tutorial #2……
    A continuation of the excellent tutorials begun last Friday by the very talented Lisa Calle. This feather style is the “hook” feather, a bit more casual in feel and, just maybe, a bit easier to “grab” on to. As demonstrated by Lisa, the technique is a lot more relaxed (even though the 60 degree “rule”, where the plume attaches to the spine, is still in place, the outer curve allows for a bit more freedom in its formation. I do hope you are able to follow along and take some minutes each day to “cement” the eye/hand coordination and the sound of your machine into your brain’s “memory bank”. And, once again, at the risk of redundancy, I’m sending along these time worn words as a reminder: practice, practice, practice as there is no substitute for time spent playing at the machine!!!! Now, off to the machines AND relax & enjoy the process!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks again for providing videos. I look forward to February Feather Fridays! You’re skills on the “domestic” are improving and for those of us that didn’t know you are still learning how to quilt on a domestic, you’d never know. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I too am very grateful for your tip about cutting the angle in half. I have been practising the hook feather today because I wanted to use a 40 weight cotton and don’t like back-tracking with such thick thread. I am happy with the result of todays exercise. Will try the angle tip again when I do normal feathers. I only came across your blog recently and want to thank you for taking time out to not only write here but also post videos.

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