When No Other will Do….

We all have a favorite something, where no other will really do.  But if we have to, we will make do…. maybe yours is a seat that you like to sit in, a favorite breakfast you eat every morning, or a pillow that you must sleep with.

I have a favorite pen… I absolutely LOVE it!  When I doodle, it glides across my paper which is the best feeling.  I know this pen makes me more creative.  😉   What is this fabulous pen you ask….


My Favorite Drawing Pen

My Favorite Drawing Pen


Quilt on!


4 thoughts on “When No Other will Do….

  1. My 21 yr old son loves this pen as well. I always have to have them on hand for him, maybe I’ll star using them now! I usually use a pigma or an ultra fine sharpie (but sometimes this bleeds).

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