Beat the Winter Blues…. Take a Road Trip

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful….. ok, no, I’m not going to torture you by singing.  I can’t carry a tune to save my life so I will spare you that.  But the weather has been terribly cold and most of you might know, I can’t stand the cold.  So I am flying south from Feb 6th -8th to Virginia Beach to teach at Birds of a Feather.    What?? you haven’t heard of it?  Where have you been?  This is a wonderful conference to further your machine quilting skills with lectures, hands on classes, drawing classes and lecture demos and  the faculty list is amazing!!!

Check out this great class!  I will not be teaching this class again this year on the East Coast so don’t miss out.

Totally Templates:

Totally Template Sample

Totally Template Sample

“Lisa relies on quilting templates to make the most of her complex and dynamic quilting designs. But using templates and rulers to stitch straight lines and perfect curves can be daunting. Join her as she shares her insider knowledge on how to use them and how just a few simple shapes open up 100‘s of possibilities. You will leave this class with a solid knowledge of how to make the most of templates and work with them with confidence. This is a beginner template class.”

Totally Templates

Totally Templates


Join me for this 2 hour hands on class on Feb 7th from 8-10!  We will have a blast!

Quilt on!


5 thoughts on “Beat the Winter Blues…. Take a Road Trip

  1. I would love to take another class with you!!! Love your quilting and the way you teach – you make me think I can quilt complex designs that look fabulous! Because of your class, I have been willing to try more complex patterns that I make up – thank you!!

  2. Hi Lisa! We met in Houston in 2014 at Patricia’s Urban Elements booth. You were so kind to give me a personalized lesson on your Quilter’s Groove Rulers. I am getting ready to tackle them by refreshing myself with your You Tube videos. Once I have a decent attempt I will post a photo. Thanks again!!

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