Long Vacation!

This Christmas break seems longer than ones in the past, is it just me? Monday brings this vacation to a close when the kids return to school and I can get on with the business of quilting!  I have finished my quilt top and needed to purchase some backing.  I had my heart set on what I used for the border.

border fabric

border fabric

That was not to be…  Thank goodness for Maddie at Spool!  This is what we came up with

Backing fabric

Backing fabric 

So not only is my thread on its way but my now my backing fabric is too!  I guess it’s time to start designing!

Quilt on my friends


3 thoughts on “Long Vacation!

    • Normally I do have other projects going on, if it’s another competition piece , it would probably be a whole cloth if I’m currently working on a pieced quilt. I’m always working on new classes or revamping ones and this means samples. Can’t wait to see your project. I love the fabrics. So bright and cheery!

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