2014 in the Rearview Mirror

Wow, 2015 already! That’s crazy!  What’s even more so…. my oldest is graduating from high school and starting college this year.  Boy, I feel old.


This was a transitional year for me with work.  I gave up quilting for customers (I miss you all) to focus on my teaching and online business.  It took a while to get in a new groove (only took me 8 months, LOL ) but I am finally there and ready for 2015!  I got to attend Quilt Market for the first time which was a joy and I hope to go next year as well.  Quilt Festival was crazy as usual and the quilts were beyond amazing!  If you have never been, you should try and get there at least once to experience the mayhem.

Hanging with Great Friends at Houston

Hanging with Great Friends at Houston!

My neck seems to be doing much better, acupuncture and chiropractic!  (Just getting back to the chiro)  I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your body.  I was young once (don’t feel it anymore)  and felt like I could quilt all day but it takes its toll on your body so be kind to it.  Take frequent breaks and stretch those muscles.



My golf game…. hmmm, didn’t improve at all but I will blame that on my neck issues. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  I did, however, have a lot of fun playing with all my golfing gals and of course the member guest tournaments with my Mom, Kathy and Mel!  Thanks!

Mildred Wood Invitational at Long Cove club!

Mildred Wood Invitational at Long Cove club!

Looking forward to 2015:


I am teaching at numerous shows and have some guild lectures as well.  I am blessed to be able to do what I love.  The best thing about teaching…. the “aha” moments!  The look on a students face when they get it is priceless and I will never tire of it.

I am determined to get rid of my slice on the golf course.  Not sure how I am going to do that but I can feel it…. this is the year.  Too bad Hank Haney doesn’t live near me.  I know he could fix it.  LOL

This sums up my golf game!

This sums up my golf game!

Competition quilts…. I will have a new one this year!!  My goal will be to debut it at MQX East.  I guess I better get to it!

Fabrics for my 2015 quilt

Fabrics for my 2015 quilt

This year I am going to strive for Balance!  A balance between work and play.  Sounds easy but I am not  very  good at it so if you have any suggestions, I am all ears!!    Wish me luck.


Happy New Year


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