Missed Monday…. Rainy Tuesday

I am not a cold weather person but I think I would prefer snow and cold to this dismal rain.  We here at the Calle house are officially decorated for the holidays!


this little pig stands guard at our front door.  Surely he is scary enough to terrify any would be intruder.. ok, maybe not.

When I was in Houston for Festival, I got a lot of question about my rulers and whether they would work on a sit down machine.  Yes, yes and yes!!!!  You can use the rulers on a domestic machine with care just as you need to take care when using them on a longarm.  Like anything else, there will be a learning curve but ask any longarm quilter and they will tell you there was a learning curve when they first started using them on a longarm.  Patsy Thompson of Patsy Thompson Designs did a great video on ruler work…. in it she mentions that you need a ruler foot.  I do not use a ruler foot on my domestic, you just need to be careful.  I like to use the Machingers and I place my hand over the template and quilt sandwich so I move both at the same time.  I find it useful to have a little sandpaper on the bottom of the template to prevent slipping.

click here to see Patsy’s video.

In January, my friend Teri and I will be heading to Olde City Quilts to do a couple of videos on using rulers on a domestic machine so stay tuned for those in January.

Don’t forget the 12 days of Christmas sale is still on at Stone House Quilting till Friday!

Happy Quilting!


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