Winter Lips!


Brr, its cold outside!


Great for chapped lips!


Yesterday I posted on Facebook that my lips were going to fall off.  My good friend Karen Thompson reminded me that last year she made a sugar scrub to help scrub off all of the dry skin.  In the next comment, someone mentioned coconut oil…. this sparked my old memory.  I decided to melt some of my coconut oil (a small amount, about a teaspoon) and mixed it with some sugar till I got the consistency I liked and scrubbed away.  Now if you like coconut, this could be dangerous because I actually wanted to eat it.  LOL  Voila, nice soft (ok, softer) lips.

Now that my lips are better, i best get some work done.

6 thoughts on “Winter Lips!

  1. I love Merle Norman lip protection. It is in a tube and seems a little pricey (20) but the teeny tiny amount needed makes it inexpensive. It contains an exfoliator also. Great to take along, but once a day works for me.

  2. I have gluten intolerance, so I use all Red Apple products. They have a lip exfoliator and lip balm you use that have solved all my dry, cracked, bleeding, peeling lips. Fabulous people to work with. Love their products! All of them! Highly recommend their products and customer service.

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