Houston Market

Wow, market is incredible.  So many things to look at, so many new people to meet.  Where to start …..

First up, the BERNINA booth.  Testing the Longarm, Wow, it is incredible.  Smooth and the features are really nice! I love my BERNINA 750 so it wasn’t a surprise that I really liked the Longarm as well.

The Gen Q booth was on the list…  Saw Teri Lucas…fun gal.  AQS booth, Fabric manufacturers, so many ideas swimming around in my head.  Probably won’t sort them all out till I get home. .

Today, I set up the booth for Festival.  Make sure you come by and see me in the Urban Elementz booth. #1324.

Award ceremony tonight…. So much excitement.

Preview tomorrow night….. Yeah!  Can’t wait.

Happy quilting


2 thoughts on “Houston Market

  1. So very glad you are there to receive your ribbon!! You are such an incredible quilter. but the part I like best is that you are such a nice, kind person!!! Thank you for taking the time to teach and encourage all of us! Have a blast!!!!!

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