MQX Midwest!

It is Wednesday already?  Really?  A week ago today I was driving the last leg of my trip to MQX Midwest in Springfield, IL with my sister in law, Judy.  We took the trip in two days going out so as to not have to do 13 hours in one day, the day before I taught.  I love traveling with Judy, we chatted the whole time and it flew by… we passed by many cornfields… and many towns called Springfield till we came to the one we were looking for.

What a great time!  I had two days of classes and I have to say… I love the people in the midwest… you all are so nice!  Tons of talent as well.  I better sharpen my skills a little or you all will put me out of a job.  LOL  I met so many wonderful people, I do hope that MQX decides to go back again next year.  Maybe I can even get a quilt done by then for the show…. well, one can hope.  The time went by much too quickly and Saturday morning arrived and it was time to go home… we decided to make the drive in one day so we would have Sunday to recuperate…. or maybe it was because I wanted to watch the Ryder Cup… regardless, we passed by many more  cornfields and finally made it home at roughly 10pm.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did…See you next year, hopefully.

Happy Quilting


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