Whole Cloth Challenge Update!

This has been a busy summer!  Hopefully we are all in our final stages of our whole cloths… I can hear the clock ticking in the background here at my house.   Tick Tock Tick Tock… can you hear it?   Please send me your pictures @ Lisahcalle@me.com    Here are two that are done.  🙂  Congratulations ladies, they are gorgeous!




I am still working on mine as well.  😉

Happy Quilting



6 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge Update!

  1. Hi Lisa
    Absolutely Beautiful!
    Is there a shop where I can purchase a whole cloth design? I’m not good at it but I love to do the quilting.


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    • HI Hettie,
      I don’t know of any place to purchase whole cloth designs but they aren’t too hard to design. That is what I teach on my DVD Mastering the Mini and in my class. Come join us sometime.

  2. Well I have the pattern uploaded and printed from your website. Hopefully I can start it this fall. I have never done a wholecloth so I am a little nervous and excited !!!

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