School Starts next Week!!!

No, I am not excited at all!!  I have had a nice summer of spending time with the kids swimming, golfing, and going to the beach BUT I am ready to get to work.  This summer was a transitional summer…. that’s what I’m calling it.  I have stopped doing quilts for customers and am focusing my energy on teaching, patterns, book proposals, working with BERNINA as an ambassador and creating my own quilts.

It was a little difficult going from physically doing quilts all day to sitting at a computer or my sewing machine.  I am now ready to hit the ground running.  So many ideas…. will there be enough time….. I sure hope so!

My quilt, Crown Jewels, will be making the trip to Houston!  This will be my second whole cloth that has been accepted.  I am honored!

Crown Jewels I will also be there and hope to see many of you!  I will be working in the Urban Elementz booth selling my rulers and DVD’s!  As soon as I get a booth number I’ll post it here.

I will be posting a whole cloth challenge update on Wednesday.   I will post all of the pictures I have received all in one place.  They are spectacular!  I will also post where I am in my challenge.  There is still time… send me those pics!

Happy Quilting!



3 thoughts on “School Starts next Week!!!

  1. I will be in Houston, and I will look you up,,, you have some rulers I want!!! I didn’t know you had dvd’s,, I love your whole cloth,,, I really want to master a whole cloth!!

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