Run to Coldwater Creek!!

I have been remiss in posting here…. I am working out my neck issues and hope to get back to quilting on my domestic.

My wonderful assistant, whom I could not do without, found a wonderful table at Coldwater Creek.  This is a clothing store which is closing.  It is huge 4′ x 9′!  As we looked at it in the store, my only thought was how in the world we get this into the studio!  Judy told me not to worry about that and did I like it?  Heck yes!  But how in the world will we get it into the studio.  LOL

We enlisted the help of my handy husband Jon (and his truck), Noah, Judy’s daughter Brandy and Danielle, and her friend.  We had our army!  After farting around trying to take it apart since it weighed about 500 lbs… give or take 1000.  Jon made the executive decision to load it without disassembling it.  We got the monster into his truck and away we went.  Once at my house, Jon and the boys got it into the unfinished room next to my studio.  The room affectionately called  “the weight room”.  There it waited for Judy and I to figure out the logistics.


Making progress!!


ok, now to get it on its side to get through the door.    GIRL POWER!!


Noah woke up at just the right time.  OH Noahhhhh , we need your help.

We got it all put back together…. the problem was, we were not strong enough to flip it over.  UGHHH


We had to wait for the big guns to come home…. that would be Jon and Brandon.

It was worth all of that!!  I LOVE my new table.



Happy Quilting