Small Progress

I am  behind on my whole cloth.  Some of you may know, I am having some minor neck issues that I am trying to work through.

Small progress has been made, I am slowly working on some sketches for my whole cloth!


just a little sketch of the center… working on some ideas.

How are you all doing???  I’d love to see some pictures.

Happy quilting.


6 thoughts on “Small Progress

  1. well, I have the pattern printed out,,, that is as far as I have gotten,,, its summer 🙂 I have never designed my own wholecloth or have made one, so I am looking forward to this!! feel better quickly

  2. I’m part of the UK group who are doing the Radiance Challenge. I’ve been with Debby Brown this week at The Cotton Patch Studio so life is pretty busy right now – having done some provisional drawings last weekend I’m now rethinking as a result of what I’ve learnt! Thanks sooooo much Debby!!!!

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