Whole Cloth Challenge update..

Things have been a little quiet for me.  I am dealing with a neck/head issue which has limited my work for the past 3 weeks.  😦

So, thank you to Cindy Christenson for sending in her picture.  I can’t wait to see how this transforms…

Here is what Cindy had to say… “I had no idea of what I was doing.. it just blossomed!!  ”

It sure did blossom.  Cindy is using my method Mastering the Mini for her design.  It is really quite simple.

Thank you for sharing Cindy!!

Cindy Christenson !


Since I am limited as to what I can accomplish… please send me your progress.  Love to post it here.

Make sure to visit Teri’s blog as well.


Happy Quilting


2 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge update..

  1. That is going to be so lovely, Cindy. Thank you for sharing. No design coming together….yet. Have some thread ideas, though, and will be pursuing that on Wed. Hope/pray that those neck/head “issues” clear up soon for you, Lisa. Hugs…….

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